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Checkout in the shopping cart. Tips

Our goal is to provide some important tips to make your online shopping experience more convenient.

Each of the proposed recommendations can be implemented only if it organically fits into the design and logic of your online store or website.

The specific implementation option for the same function, and the choice depends on your niche, target audience and site platform.

Online shopping cart:

  • adding to cart should not contain extra steps
  • display information that the product has been added to the cart
  • display detailed information about goods or services inside the basket
  • the button to continue the purchase should be visible and named according to the user's expectations
  • the field for entering a promo code, if any, should be hidden by default
  • provide a button to remove an item from the cart
  • the basket must remember the order so that in the event of an unsuccessful payment, the buyer would not have to form the basket of orders again


  • the site should be able to buy without registration
  • provide background registration for unregistered new buyers (payers)
  • make the username of the payer (buyer) E-mail or phone


  • use intuitive names of payment methods with icons
  • display payment methods in descending order of popularity
  • warn about the fees of payment systems
  • fields for entering bank card data must visually repeat the location of information on the physical card
  • let the user go back from the bank payment gateway to the store page without payment
  • provide details if the payment was declined


  • determine the address automatically with the ability to edit
  • display self-pickup warehouses on the map and list
  • if the shipping cost is not known in advance, please indicate the estimated shipping cost

Page "Thank you for purchase":

  • display the order number
  • duplicate order information by email
  • tell the client how events will develop further