Electronic invoices for payment

Issuance and circulation of e-invoices for payment for business in Moldova (B2B)

UNDP Moldova logo Project E-Cont was developed with the financial support of UNDP Moldova through the Moldova Digital Innovation Challenge to encourage the private ICT sector of Moldova to generate innovative solutions for the digitalisation of public and private services, as well as IT solutions for the non-IT sector

The service allows you to issue professionally prepared invoices, send them to your customers, send payment reminders, track expenses and receive payment from customers faster and on time.

An electronic invoice for payment (Electronic invoice, or e-Invoice) is a digital invoice for payment that is transferred from one information system to another, for example, from the accounting program of an enterprise - seller/supplier to the accounting program of a counterparty (buyer/payer). The supplier and payer can be either a commercial company or a government agency/enterprise.

Benefits of e-invoices for sellers and buyers:

  • Reducing the routine workload on managers and/or accounting department
  • Speeding up document flow by means of faster processing of payment invoices
  • Saving time tracking overdue payments
  • Improved reconciliation of invoices and payments made

As a result, optimization of accounting, financial and business processes, as well as saving of company resources.

The general principles of Accounts Receivable Automation are described HERE.

As a result optimization of accounting, financial and business processes.

Integration with third-party systems:

Ensure conditions to receive payments on time:

  • CREATE professional looking invoices
  • SEND invoices to your counterparties efficiently
  • RECEIVE payments on time

Choose an template of invoice for payment from our gallery and personalize it

e-Cont.md allows you to use your company's brand when generating invoices.

Create multilingual invoices

e-Cont.md allows you to work in 3 languages: Romanian, Russian and English.

Create and share an invoice for payment with ease

Through e-Cont.md you can easily exchange invoices with your counterparties, as well as create new invoices based on the previous ones, send various E-mail or SMS notifications, for example, with a reminder of invoices with an expiring date which will help you avoid penalties for late payments.

Adaptation of functionality to the needs of the company

The invoice for payment can be issued automatically, for example by API or manually by the seller’s manager.

Localization under the legislation of Moldova

The e-Cont.md service – accounting of invoices for payment, taking into account the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

Convenient customer portal

With the client portal e-Cont.md you can collaborate with your clients in real time.

Offer your customers convenient access to their bills in one place.

  • Instant issuance and sending of invoices for payment

  • Instant availability of invoices for payment to your counterparties

Advanced functionality for business. Capabilities: