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e-Invoicing. Integration overview

e-Cont.md - integrations with third-party electronic invoicing systems (e-Invoicing)

To integrate with third-party e-Invoicing systems, the e-Cont.md client will need to register in a third-party e-invoicing system and select the service package that will allow them to perform the required actions, for example, issue or receive an electronic invoice for payment.

  • example 1) if the client's counterparties already use third-party e-invoicing systems, then a client from Moldova will be able to easily exchange electronic invoices for payment with their counterparties using third-party e-invoicing systems directly from the e-Cont.md system.
  • example 2) if the e-Cont.md client company has branches or representative offices abroad, then it will be possible to simplify electronic accounting and justification of the movement of goods:
    • to move goods within the same company or holding that use different e-Invoicing systems
    • for internal accounting of the volume of services provided within a company or holding, but in different jurisdictions
  • example 3) integration data with third-party e-invoicing systems abroad allows you to take the first step to establish the procedure for "electronic accounting of goods at the border" or in the case of "cross-border provision of services".
  • example 4) the use of third-party foreign e-Invoicing systems will allow issuing fiscal electronic documents, which, potentially, may comply with the requirements of local (foreign) legislation in the country of the counterparty, buyer, client or supplier.
    • If the electronic signature on the electronic invoice for payment is recognized as legally significant both in Moldova and abroad in the country of the counterparty, then there is the possibility of recognizing the invoice as a “legally significant document” in both of these countries.

List of third-party e-Invoicing systems with built-in integration: