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Import invoices for payment in CSV format

Built-in module for batch import of invoices for payment from a CSV file. With this integration option, you will also be able to use the e-Cont.md Service to send invoices in bulk to your customers.

Before you start

Prepare a list of invoices for payment in advance.

To import a list of invoices, you need to provide us with information about each issued invoice for each of your existing customers, and we will match it with the existing customer profiles in your account.

You need to prepare 3 columns:

  • Fiscal company code (IDNO) (text field format, 13 characters)
  • Amount payable in Moldovan lei (float number format, 2 decimal places)
  • Purpose of payment (text field format, up to 270 characters). Optional If not specified, then the payment purpose specified in the client / department personal account for "import by default" will be used.

To make it easier for our system to match your customer data, download the CSV file template.
The type of invoice for payment will be the one that you have set in the personal account of the client / department for "import by default".

The procedure for importing and activating invoices for payment

  • 1. Prepare a list of invoices for payment for import

    Each line should contain only information about one invoice for payment for one company and one amount payable.
    If you create several invoices for payment for one client, then you need to enter exactly as many lines with the client's fiscal code and the amount payable.
    Preliminary analysis before import:
    • A green checkmark means that the company data has been matched correctly and is ready to be used for matching.
    • A yellow exclamation mark means that you have chosen not to include certain information for importing invoices, or that some of it needs to be changed manually.
      The hit rate for batch importing invoices will be higher if you correct errors in the file before uploading.
  • 2. Download the list of invoices for payment

    When the file is added and ready to use, select "Upload and Create". Once we finish importing information for your customer list, we will notify you that the import is complete.
    As a reference, you will receive the following information:
    • total number of lines in file to import
    • the number of rows that were successfully identified with companies in your database
  • 3. Activate invoices for payment and send them to customers

    After successful export, all invoices for payment receive the status "Draft".
    Review the invoices for payment and, if necessary, make the necessary adjustments.
    After that, you need to transfer the selected invoices for payment to the "Ready" status and send them to your clients / payers.
    For information.
    An invoice for payment can be in the "Draft" status for 5 calendar days, after which the invoice for payment will automatically go to the "Basket".