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e-Cont.md Service features

e-Cont.md service - Issuance and circulation of e-invoices for payment for business in Moldova (B2B)

Advantages for business

Saving time, reducing company costs, reducing the number of errors when entering data into an accounting program.

Advantages for users:

Using e-Cont.md you can interact with your clients in real time.

Offer your customers convenient access to their bills in one place.

  • Instant issuance and sending of invoices for payment
  • Invoices for payment available to your counterparties in Online mode

Case studies of using Invoicing software.

The goal is minimizing the amount of work and the number of personnel involved in the creation of an invoice for payment. The e-Cont.md service does most of the work for people. In addition, there is no need to print out an invoice, send it by E-mail (or in some other way), enter it into an accounting program.

From technical point of view, the Electronic invoice (e-Invoice) for payment is the circulation (sending, receiving and storage) of invoices between the supplier and the buyer in an integrated electronic format without using paper invoices as original documents.

1) Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing is that they must contain data from the seller/supplier in a format that can be entered (integrated) into the buyer's accounting system without the need to enter any data from the buyer's administrator or accounting department.

  • "An true e-Invoice"

  • templates of electronic invoice for payment for various activities

  • extensive options for creating invoices for payment:

    • manually by seller managers
    • automatic - by event
    • import invoices from CSV, TSV and JSON files
  • Various options for E-mail and SMS notifications:

    • expiring invoices for payment
    • overdued invoices for payment (expired)
    • invoices for payment only from selected service providers/sellers of goods
    • if the amount in the invoice for payment exceeds a certain threshold, for example, 500 lei

2) Import, Export and Storage of invoices for payment (Invoice Register) in the cloud

  • ability to export / import data in various data formats:

  • built-in connectors to Google services:

3) Convenient Personal Account for users of the Service

  • to enter and edit company details
  • to select and edit a maintenance package
  • for company department settings
  • for registering managers
  • to manage the permissions of managers

4) Localization for the Republic of Moldova

  • Multilingualism (3 languages: Ro, Ru, En):
    • for issued invoices for payment
    • interface of the personal account of the Service User
    • User and developer guides
  • Legal provisions taken into account: National Accounting Standards (NAS), Law on Accounting
  • possibility of integration with e-Factura (Electronic tax invoice)

5) Extensive list of Integrations with external IT systems

6) Convenient tariff system, including a free package

  • Adaptation of functionality to the needs of the company Choose from 4 service packages that best suit your business.
  • Availability of DEMO version of the software (for review) - in progress

7) Documentation center for users of the e-Cont.md Service