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Advantages for Managers

Benefits for Managers/Employees of the company

(Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs)

In addition to buyers and suppliers, business managers, CIOs, technical directors, treasury, purchasing / selling department, etc. also benefit greatly from the use of e-invoicing. Improved process efficiencies mean managers have more control over planning and forecasting, and the ability to deliver better customer service.

Key benefits for Managers:

  1. Improved "visibility"

    A paper invoice means that the invoice becomes visible in accounting systems with a delay. This affects the accuracy of forecasting and forward planning. In accounting software, the ability to see an invoice as soon as it's issued provides a much greater level of confidence and control.
  2. Optimized cash-flow

    For many companies, the ability to optimize their working capital is very important. This increases business flexibility and can minimize the need for external financing. By reducing the order-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles, e-invoicing allows businesses to receive payments on time and take advantage of any discount schemes available.
  3. Compliance for the Republic of Moldova

    By working with a third-party e-invoicing provider, organizations can take advantage of systems where compliance issues for Moldova are already resolved.
  4. Improved relationship between supplier and customer

    Improving the efficiency of the billing process reduces disputes and ensures that the organization can deliver a high level of service. Moreover, by integrating their systems, both parties make a meaningful investment in a long-term relationship.
  5. Advanced IT system optimization

    In most cases, electronic invoicing does not require large technology outlays. Most IT departments can implement the required secure connections and data transfers by optimizing their existing IT infrastructure or by using a third party provider. IT managers can minimize the resources required to support the e-billing feature.
  6. Compliance with "green initiatives"

    Electronic invoicing eliminates the need for paper and its transportation from the supplier to the buyer, and also reduces the number of printed and postal items.

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